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Open Wide® Reusable Mouth Prop – medium


Basic wedge design made from a latex-free material that doesn’t degrade or get gummy when subjected to high heat sterilisation (autoclave).

Has a unique ‘wrap around’ handle to facilitate removal / positioning of the wedge without need for a second pair of hands; head and handle are permanently bonded together for safety and contains no metal parts

The SCC Open Wide® Reusable Mouth Prop with Wrap Around Handle comes with a sample disposable saliva ejector to show proper positioning through the mouth prop ‘port’.

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  • Latex free, the head and handle are permanently bonded together for safety, contains no metal parts to interfere with radiography and can be steam sterilised.
  • An optional ‘through-hole’ located within the core of the mouth prop is designed to hold a saliva ejector in place if desired.
  • Please dispose of the accompanying ejector after use and do not reuse or sterilise.
  • Clean the Mouth Prop before Use
  • The Open Wide® Re-Usable Mouth Prop is not sterile when packaged and can be steam sterilised (autoclaved) at a maximum temperature of 285 F (140.5 C). Please follow instructions provided by the autoclave manufacturer regarding recommended time required to achieve asepsis.
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