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Bite Saber® Chewelry Medium – ARK


ARK’s Bite Saber® Sensory Chewelry is a safe and super cool solution for anyone who needs to chew. At 4 inches long and just under half an inch in diameter at the tip, it’s just the right size to reach the back molars where chewing is needed the most. Use it to provide calming proprioceptive input to the jaw, and/or to provide a safe alternative to chewing on fingers, shirt collars, sleeves, pencils, etc. The Bite Saber® features a tactile handle with a smooth opposite end, and it comes on a breakaway adjustable necklace cord.

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ARK’s Bite Saber® comes in 3 colour-coded toughness levels:

    • Standard = Soft (very chewy), recommended for mild chewing only
    • XT = Medium (firmer, but still chewy), for mild to moderate chewing
    • XXT = Toughest (the most firm), recommended for those who like to chew on firm / fairly rigid items. This is also the longest lasting level for avid chewing


  • Each pendant is sold individually with its own breakaway necklace cord
  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA by ARK Therapeutic
  • Each pendant is medical grade, FDA compliant, and contains NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
  • Each pendant measures approximately 4 inches long, .4 inch in diameter at the laser end, and .5 inch in diameter at the handle end
  • The cord measures approximately 36 inches in length
  • If desired, you can shorten the cord by scooting the thread out of the clasp, retying the knot at a shorter length, and then trimming the excess thread
  • Highly recommended for individuals who have Autism, sensory needs, anxiety, ADHD, etc, or for anyone of any age who needs to chew
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ARK Bite Saber Chewy Necklace imageBite Saber® Chewelry Medium – ARK

Availability: 2 in stock