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Nose Clips Kit


Nose Clips are excellent for those situations where the client you are working with cannot differentiate between oral and nasal airflow to successfully say a word that combines oral and nasal speech sounds. It affects many clients with motor planning disorders, particularly: velo-pharyngeal insufficiency, repaired cleft-hypernasality, post-sphynctoplasty-hypernasality, Apraxia and Dyspraxia. The nose clips can be used to teach the motor plan for controlled oral airflow by adding a tactile cue to assist in the process. This activity can be used with the Pre-Hierarchy Horn to teach horn blowing or bubble blowing when airflow is directed out of the nose, rather than the mouth, during these activities.

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  • Teaches controlled oral airflow
  • Improves velo-pharyngeal mobility
  • Includes 1 nose clip, 4 rubber bands and TalkTools original instructions for use
  • WARNING! – CHOKING HAZARD Adult Supervision Required To Implement This Program.

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Nose clip Kit imageNose Clips Kit

Availability: 2 in stock