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How are you feeling? chart with electronic version


Our speech and language therapy team have created these feelings charts to help children and adults express how they feel in an easy to access way.

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With some prior teaching and support these charts can help to stop escalation of behaviours by allowing an easy and safe expression of feelings. The charts can also be used to form the basis of various group and individual activities around the topic of feelings and emotions.


  • Pin a chart up on the classroom wall for anyone in a class to access.
  • Use at the start of a teaching or therapy
    session to talk about how feelings will affect
    people during the session.
  • Use during teaching or therapy sessions to
    talk about how people are feeling.
  • Use the blank chart to add photos of an
    individual using their own facial expressions.
  • Use the blank chart to form the basis of a
    discussion about feelings and add words
    that are meaningful to an individual or
  • Use these charts as
    part of an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
    approach and allow clients with Autism and
    Aspergers to communicate feelings in a structured accessible way.


  • Laminated feelings charts x6 (Alex, Danny,
    Emily, Natalie, Nabeel and Parveen).
  • Laminated charts x2 (blank chart for
    personalisation and an information chart).
  • An electronic version.
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How are you feeling? chart with electronic version

Availability: 6 in stock