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Solving the puzzle of Autism using tactile therapy


Solving the puzzle of Autism using tactile therapy is a DVD and workbook explaining current methodologies and treatment techniques available for therapists working with children who present with Autism.

Robyn Merkel-Walsh outlines and presents the various methodologies and shows how combining approaches allows therapists to assess children who present with Autism Spectrum Disorders and implement a comprehensive tactile approach to the therapy. Robyn discusses issues such as problematic behaviour, food refusal and tactile defensiveness. This course is a must if you work in this area.

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  • Identify at least three current therapies being used by speech pathologists who work with children on the autism spectrum
  • Learn the variations between the ABA vs. the Floortime Models of Therapy
  • Define two features of an Oral Placement disorder
  • Identify and use two types of reinforcements with a child on the autistic spectrum
  • Learn at least four new techniques to be used with your clients
  • Write a speech therapy goal in a simple STO format
  • The DVD is 6-hours
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Availability: 1 in stock