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Intoduction to Oral-Motor Therapy Kit – TalkTools®


This introductory kit is an excellent way to begin implementing OPT (Oral Placement Therapy) techniques. The program addresses oral-motor issues that impact children and adult clients ability to speak, eat and drink independently. It’s compact, economical, and contains the basic tools and books that you need to get started, all in a convenient and sturdy carrying case.

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  • 1 Book – Oral Placement Therapy for Speech Clarity and Feeding
  • 1 Book – The HOMEWORK Book
  • 1 Horn Kit
  • 1 Straw Kit
  • 1 Spinner and Toothies
  • 1 set of 2 Jaw Grading Bite Blocks
  • WARNING! – CHOKING HAZARD Adult Supervision Required To Implement This Program
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