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Therapy Assessment Starter Kit (TAS Kit)


This kit is designed for therapists who have undertaken at least level 1 of TalkTools training, either by attending a live course or watching a DVD or download of the workshop. The therapist will achieve an understanding of the techniques used to carry out a basic TalkTools evaluation and will have a copy of the book “TalkTools Oral Placement Therapy for Speech Clarity and Feeding” to refer to.

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Kit Contents:

  • Sensory Bean Bag Kit
  • Honey Bear w/flex straw
  • Spinner & 20 Toothies
  • Jaw Grading Bite Blocks
  • Red Bite Tube Set x2
  • Plastic DnZ Vibe with Yellow Preefer Tip
  • Green Blowing Tube
  • Bubble Tube and Refill
  • Bubble Bear and Refill
  • Apraxia Kit
  • Original Horn Kit
  • Duration Breathing Tubes Kit and
  • Straw Kit
  • WARNING! – CHOKING HAZARD Adult Supervision Required To Implement This Program.
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Oral Placement Therapy TAS Kit imageTherapy Assessment Starter Kit (TAS Kit)

Availability: 1 in stock