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Button Pull Exercise Kit – TalkTools®


This OPT (Oral Placement Therapy) activity addresses one of the components of drooling: weak lip closure. In addition, many clients who present interdental tongue protrusion during function have weak lip strength. For example, they may suckle on a straw rather than use lip protrusion with tongue retraction to draw up the liquid. Others may use their teeth or scrape purees from a spoon rather than removing the puree with their lips. As a result, the lips rest in an open mouth posture. This exercise will address those clients and will also develop strength in the orbicularis-oris muscle as a prerequisite for standard speech sound production of: / w, o, u, (sh), (ch), (j) /.

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  • Promotes saliva control, lip closure, lip rounding and muscle memory
  • Works as a fun and motivational hierarchy
  • Includes 5 buttons, string and original TalkTools instruction booklet

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