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Spinner™ and Toothies™ 20 pack – TalkTools®


TalkTools original Spinner and Toothies is an excellent tool for diagnosing sensory-motor deficits, promoting awareness of the oral cavity, and reducing fixing. It is commonly used by TalkTools therapists as a sensory activity prior to therapy when clients do not tolerate tools in their mouth yet. As a diagnostic tool, it can reveal Hypersensitivity, Hyposensitivity and Tactile Defensiveness (among others), conditions that may interfere with oral placement, feeding and speech therapy. As a therapy tool, it can assist in improving responsiveness to sensory information on and within the oral cavity.

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Please note a Medical Device Alert is in force for these, please see this PDF here

  • Diagnostic and therapy tool for the sensory system
  • Includes 1 Spinnner, 20 Toothies and TalkTools original instruction booklet
  • 2 AAA Batteries not included
  • Don’t forget to stock up on toothies!
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