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Tongue Tip Lateralization & Elevation Tools


These remarkable tools teach tongue tip lateralisation, elevation and depression for improved feeding skills and speech clarity. Their design helps establish jaw stability to facilitate independent movements of the tongue tip from the jaw. They can also be used to help improve fascial restrictions associated with a tongue tie , but cannot stretch the frenulum.

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Benefits of Product Family

  • Includes set of (4) tools and TalkTools original instruction booklet.
  • Works on developing advanced tongue tip-jaw dissociation.
  • Tool designed to maintain a neutral jaw position and height without causing fatigue in the jaw.
  • Original small ball with new handle design + a new larger* ball option.
  • Use with both children and adults!

*Use for clients who need additional sensory input or practice.


    • 2 Types (Elevation and Lateralization).
    • 2 Options for Ball Diameters (4.7mm and 8mm.)
    • Made in USA.
    • Easy Grip Handle
    • Easy to locate biting surfaces.
    • FDA compliant, Latex, Lead, BPA, and Phthalates free.
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    Tongue Tip Lateralization & Elevation Tools

    Availability: 7 in stock