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TongueGym™ by Liper


The TongueGym™ by Liper is the first product created for an at-home simple and effective way of doing tongue exercises for newborns and adults. Performing tongue strengthening and conditioning exercises, helping users of all ages (including Adults) to maximise their exercise regimen. The ergonomic design makes tongue exercises easier, also more hygienic, comfortable, and efficient, encouraging the user to complete the entire exercise regimen.

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No matter the degree of tongue -tie severity, the TongueGym™ by Liper comes in handy. In many cases, proper tongue exercises with the TongueGym™ can be used pre and post operatively when there is a need for frenotomy (a.k.a. frenulotomy or frenulectomy). Postoperative Active Wound Management (AWM) with the TongueGym™ has been shown to improve post- surgical outcome; therefore helping ensure normal tongue flexibility and functioning while preventing frenulum reattachment and/or scarring. The TongueGym™ by Liper can also be used with toddlers and young children who are receiving pre and post op frenectomy therapy. The speech-language therapist and /or registered dental hygienist trained in pediatric feeding and/or myofunctional therapy (COM™) can use this tool as a part of their AWM program. For example, the V-Stretch which is described and demonstrated in our TOTs Course using the TongueGym™

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