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Our Values

Quality: We provide a high quality service that is personalised to each client’s unique and often complex needs.

Expert: We provide specialist knowledge and skills in the field of speech and language therapy.

Education: Our learning never stands still; it provides us with active and creative ways to deliver and improve our services for clients.

Our Team: We are passionate about our work. Our collaborative approach enables us to provide bespoke, holistic services.

Inclusive: We value diversity and the wonderful and unique contributions that this brings.

Balance: Our team works flexibly to allow work and home to exist in harmony. We take a team approach to well-being.

Nurture: We invest in our whole team including students and newly qualified therapists. We create confident partnerships by listening to, and connecting with, the families and care teams that we support.

Environment: We want to demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility through charitable, environmental, economic and ethical practices.

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